Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Ultimate Challenge part 7 -Spotted Grunter (Pomadasys Commersonni) - Experimenting with Silicone (part 2)

I finally managed to find a live Mud Prawn.  Largely translucent with a diesel green/blue back.  My attempt to imitate;

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Not sure what to call it yet.... Suggestions??

prawn fly
shrimp fly
mud prawn fly
sand prawn fly
crustacean fly
crawfish fly
silicon prawn fly
silicon prawn fly
silicon shrimp fly
silicon mud prawn fly
silicon sand prawn fly
silicon crustacean fly
silicon crawfish fly
bonefish fly
permit fly
spotted grunter fly
tarpon fly 
realistic prawn fly
realistic shrimp fly
realistic mud prawn fly
realistic sand prawn fly
realistic crustacean fly
realistic crawfish fly


  1. Wow, ultra realistic.

    I'd call it a "Muddy" fly. :)

  2. Looks (and chews?) like the real deal, but still is fake. So, why not call it Surimi ;)
    Again silicone and eggyarn? Damn, you're an artist with that stuff.. Bigup! Maybe i should take some lessons from you, to reduce the mess on my tyingtable and fingers ;) lol
    keep up the great work..

  3. Hi, have you tested it and is it successful?


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