Sunday, March 27, 2011

De Mond

I fished De Mond on the Spring.  The problem with this sort of tide in this sort of Lagoon is the amount of weed that gets pushed accross the flat.  I spotted one grunter and lined up perfectly for a shot when a massive weed pile washed directly in the path.  I ducked down to stay out of view until it passed and when I got up the fish was a few meters away and spooked.  Lesson- always keep your eye on the fish.

I walked and walked and walked the flat.  An area where I know Grunter were caught previously.  I went about walking the flat at low tide and marked the banks with the highest amoutn of prawn holes.  Its quite interesting to see where grunter have blown.  You can even see which tide it was on.  The area creates a teardrop in the direction of flow.  I saw more evidence of holes blown on the pull.  This could be that that was before the water left the flat and it just leaves a better footprint (the holes made during the push would have been covered by the time the tide has turned).

No Grunter anywhere when the tide came in.  I saw two fish the whole weekend.  I did get some anchovy oil and white bread and chummed for the mullet.  I found an area with water running over a small weed bank into a channel and began about setting the slick.  It was about an hour until the big mullet came in.  One MONSTER came through the slick but as I was about to drop my cast a seagull landed almost on it and stalked it.

De Mond is a seriously temperamental place, and just when you think you've got it down it throws a weekend like this at you.  I will go back for the mullet.  The big mullet.

I find Aqua Camo makes about a three meter difference when it comes to close quarter sigh fishing

The flat at low

Stranded Jelly

Fish inside the Jellyfish

It was however the Pergiree/Supermoon.  And it doesnt seem to be good for fishing.  That said.  Any freak movement of water/tide/moon never seems to be.

Keep going.


So this is the my new impressionistic prawn:

I went to Langebaan to fish the flats for (hopefully) some Wit Steenbras... If not then maybe a Sand Shark or two.  But nope, didnt find anything.  I dont know much about Langebaan so went off Google Earth.  Definately wouldnt return to the same spots.  After trying the flat I fished the channel with a fast sinker.  Its one of those spots that looks incredible on Satellite Imagery but is just a wet desert.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Change of Fly

ChIn the hunt for grunter I get the feeling theres going to be a breakthrough using an impressionistic pattern.  As far as numbers go impressionistic trumps realistic every time.  So I went hunting for redfish flies.  Here are some ideas;

Dron Lee - semi realistic
Dron Lee - semi realistic
Dron Lee - semi realistic
Redfish Croaker
Eenrico Puglisi
Enrico Puglisi
Enrico Puglisi
I ordered a whole bunch of these EP shrimps and Mantis Shrimps last night.  Interested to give them a go.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Kob On Fly

The Avalon Prawn claimed its first victim this weekend.  A little Kob (Argyrosomus Hololepidotus).
Also known as; Meagre, White Sea Bass, Croaker, Weakfish- depending on where you are in the world.

Kob on fly
Kob on fly
Kob on fly
Avalon silicon prawn fly

I also got a chance to test out my Aqua Camo.  What a difference.  Stalked fish to within 3 or 4 meters.  The important thing is to stay with the sun on your face.  Anything in shadow is black.  And then it rained.  Ill get round to posting a comprehensive guide to sight fishing the Western Cape of South Africa.

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Sea Urchin

So apparently triggers and permit like Sea Urchins.... Heres my Sea Urchin Fly:

Sea Urchin Fly
Sea Urchin Fly

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spotted Eagle Rays

Yip, id cast at one.

Heres a fly caught one:

source: - awesome blog