Thursday, February 24, 2011

polar fibre & silcon crab v2.0

Getting somewhere now....  Its a mix of impressionistic and realistic fly tying methods.  Mostly realistic with the rabbit zonker hair to add movement when static.  Based on a speckled crab (arenaeus cribrarius)- the most common swimming crab in surf zones and sand flats in the tropics and sub tropics world wide.

I had no sand for the epoxy bits so I mixed talcum powder (baby powder) with umber ochre paint pigment in with the epoxy.

His real trick is how he swims.  I crimped the polar fibre legs so you can manipulate where they bend.  The back swim fins are pressed flat and crimped close to where they are tied on the hook.  The claws are laid wet.  They stay in shape and are hardy as hell.

Dumbell eyes and quite a bit of lead under the hook shank to balance the dumbells so it sinks in a balanced position.

Oh, and finally some shale, cinnamon, black and pink permanent marker (crabs always seem to look a bit pinkish).

Monday, February 21, 2011

Scott Heliply 14wt

This guy just arrived.  He'll be my Shark rod for the upcoming season.  A rod with a serious reputation.... The Heliply 14wt.

Giant Ladyfish

These guys had delusions of Tarpon grandeur...


Eastern Cape, South Africa

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jono and his pet marlin

I dont usually like adding unoriginal content on here... but what the hell.  This is quite remarkable.  Its the kind of story that makes legends out of men.  And this man is quickly becoming something of a legend in Saltwater Fly Fishing circles.

For a while these juveline blacks were spotted off Fraser island cruising the flats.  No one had managed to take one on fly.  And then Jono arrived.  Two in one day.  I cant even imagine the rush of sight casting to Black Marlin in less that 8 feet of water.

These pictures haunt me:


The full article can be read here:

More from Thailand

Just got sent these from Sean... Not a bad fish. 


Sunday, February 13, 2011

The hunt for smoothhounds - second try

I went down to Strand this morning to try and see Smoothhounds.  Nothing.  Didnt even see a Mullet.  Its hard to get used to wading back after looking for Sharks on the reef. Spooky.Also got a chance to test out the new rod.  The added weight definitely slows the action down.  It loads beautifully though and think its going to be perfect for short distance.

Aqua Camo, Costa Del Mar Release glasses, Redington RS3 and Tibor Light

the ghost rod (better hidden against a blue sky)

Decent air pressure
Fished the push from Low - Neap Tide was about 0.6m to 1.7m at high

Silicon Prawn Fly Splash and Sink tests

JAM fly:
Tied By Mark Krige
Sink to 2.0m from stationary at surface
gif animators

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Silicon Prawn Avalon v5.0
Sink to 2.0m from stationary at surface
gif animator

gif animators

Silicon Prawn Avalon v6.0
Sink to 2.0m from stationary at surface
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Surprisingly the heaviest fly makes the smallest splash.... It does make slightly more noise as it enters the water though.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flats Fishing Camo / Spray Painting a fly rod

To quote the Aqua Design website: "fish have been using camouflage for hundreds of thousands of years, its time we as anglers learn to fit in with our surroundings"

Stalking fish on flats you tend to spook a lot of fish.  Ive noticed Grunter swim right up to me and then without me moving a muscle, they spook about 4m away.  It must be a colour/silhouette that spooks them.  In an attempt to get closer to this fish Im taking it to the next level.

Aqua Camo shirt/scarf/hat/pants.  Lower half sand colour and upper half blue water camo.  Stripping basket is a canvas bait bucket covered in a camo buff.  Under this is my wetsuit.  And to finish it off- A flat matt sky blue fly rod and 10wt WF clear floating Monic Permit line.

the ghost setup- stripping basket covered in camo buff, clothing, completed rod, monic WF10F clear floater

Now, without buying a custom CTS and requesting it in blue the only other option is to spray paint.  I needed a medium action 9 weight, so off I went to Ebay and got a Redington Rs3 9#.  Fast action is too stiff for quick delecate short distance presentations.  The high AFTMA rating isnt for the fish, its for the wind.

It arrived Friday.  Today (Saturday) I went to Builders Warehouse and got everything I need for the spray job:

Blue rust-oleum spraypaint
White rust-oleum spraypaint
White Plastic Primer
1000 grit water paper
Masking Tape
Scouring sponge

So I prepped with the scouring sponge, cleaned with soapy water and masked off.  Next I shot with the white plastic primer.  Then sand down with water paper. Clean again with soapy water, then with blue, then with white and finally sand again and unmask.

This is the result (it came out better than I even expected):

masked off and scoured to matt with scouring sponge

primer coat drying

post water paper- blue & white coats

final wet sanding

masking paper off

butt section

but and stripping guide section



final product

stitched together (not too well but you get the idea)

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