Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Specie

Red Gurnard on Fly

Red Gurnard on Fly - K-Crab

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Peacock Mantis Shrimp

Mantis Shrimp Fly
Mantis Shrimp Fly
Mantis Shrimp Fly

Mantis Shrimp Fly
Mantis Shrimp Fly

Friday, May 18, 2012

Patagonia is the bomb.

I hate every pair of S**** I've owned and I love every pair of Patagonia boots I've owned.  The difference is remarkable.  In comfort, design, durability and looks.

Tom Morehouse was on Christmas Island with guide Moana (one of the fisheries founders) and quickly noticed something odd about his boots.

-An ancient style of Patagonia Marlwalker still in near perfect condition.  Moana wears his boots 12 hours a day and they never get a chance to dry.  As a result they started growing Seaweed out of the tongue a few years ago.

What a company. What a product.

Weedless Grass Crab

An innovative approach to a lightly weighted weedless crab.  Originally designed by Jono Makim using a tube.  I tied mine on 100lb mono and then tied that on to the bass hook and modified it.  A slight bend half way down the shank and a 2.5mm tungsten bead epoxied to the shank.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Preparing For Mazeppa

Im spending a week in Mazeppa Bay over the Sardine run.  This thread will be updated as I prepare.

Supersize Brush Fly
Mazeppa Bay Fishing Spots
The best looking areas as far as fly is concerned looks to be West of the Island and the gullies surrounding the Boiling Pot.

Some fish taken in the island rip:

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I've caught most of my trophy fish inside 5 meters -believe it or not.  No full length casts at cruising fish.  I do best stalking right up to fish and then presenting at the perfect time by judging their body language.  Its not a popular method, but it works brilliantly for me.  A 9ft rod is just too short for the reach if your going to jig-drop the fly in front of a fish.  So i finally tracked down the ultimate 10 footer.  A Scott S3s.

Scott 10ft S3s 8wt
Yip, that close.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Flashy Profile Fly

Bill and Kate Howe changed offshore fly tying forever.  The FlyH20 World Record series has been used by everyone from Fouad Sahaoui to Trey Combes and have caught every Billfish specie.

I just received a whole bunch of EP, Flashes, Coque Tails and Diamond Hard so thought id give the Diamond Hard a go on a true offshore fly.  Using the Tube Fly attachment on the J-Vice and an old Bic Pen inner as the tube.

Flashy Profile Fly

EP, Flash, Coque Tails
I do think Epoxy is better suited for this type of fly.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Killer Crab Assassin Bug (K-CrAB) - SBS

Crabs are tricky little fellows.  And crab flies are also tricky little fellows- to tie at least.  They look extremely simple but there are lots of little techniques and tricks that make tying a crab fly much easier.

There were two flies that stood out in Farquhar.  One was the black brush fly and the other was the K-Crab.  It took Permit, GT's, Triggerfish, Snapper, Emporers, you name it.  Watching a Trigger spot this fly was the most entertaining thing to see.  They jumped on it like a fat kid on stray piece of cake.  You could almost see the expression change on their faces.. like "I cant believe my luck! a crab! Right here!" - Hook set.

Interestingly I tied some without the barred legs (white legs instead).  And one particularly fussy Trigger durned down that and a few other crabs before I tied one of these on.  It hardly even hit the bottom before being eaten.

Materials Needed

Trim claws off tan zonker

The tie in

both claws on (you can leave them long or trim them.  I prefer short claws and will demonstrate the extra steps needed for those)

Tip 1 -Trim excess zonker skin to a "V" shape

Makes for a much smaller profile
The Snip
Cleaning off excess
Cut tips longitudinally to give natural fade out
Like so.
1 of 2 different tones of EP Fibre
Tip 2 - Tie the EP on top. NOT on the bottom like a Merkin.
Tie in as you would dumbells.  I only wrap once either way.  Use heavy thread for added insurance
Tip 3- use lead to tie back original hanks and give you space to work. Tip 4 - whip finish after each addition to thread doesnt slip on your next leg set or EP Fibre section.
Getting there...

Tip 5 - Tie a shoulder to give the dumbells a place to sit

The cover up hank.  Goes over the top of the dumbells.
Like so.
Tip 6 - Pull tight and "roll" each section while pulling tight with the bobbin to keep it neat and tight.
Trimming begins

Ready for weedguard

20 lb PURE flouro.  100% Flouro has enough memory to allow you to bend it to shape after.
Tip 7 - First wrap your weedguard like this and then pull it tight to the shank.  Easiest way to keep it symmetrical.
There she is...
The Killer Crab Assassin Bug. (K-Crab Fly)