Thursday, January 27, 2011

The History of Spotted Grunter on Fly in South Africa

Henkie Altena

If you've ever tried to get them on fly- Pomadasys Commersonnii or Spotted Grunter, then you would have heard of Anthony Kruger, or Doug Swannel, or MC Coetzer, or August Lohann...the chances are you've never heard of Henkie Altena.  But you should have.

He's achieved what few others have on fly in the Western Cape, including catching Spotted Grunter.  It was a few seasons ago now, but using a bendback pattern he managed to get some real success on the Little Brak River.  Its a part of the world that is very close to my heart.  Its where I cut my teeth in the salt.  So seeing someone catching fish on fly in these locations (and probably getting the old "no trout here buddy") from the locals puts a smile on my face.

He guides now and has a company called Fly.Fish (fly-dot-fish) and has had some pretty interesting captures.  And a few firsts as far as I know for Saltwater fly fishing in SA.

Next time I'm up in that part of the world ill definitely be going out on a charter.  R1500-00 a trip and similarly priced to be guided for Grunter.  You cant go wrong with that.  in my experience in one day with someone like this you'll inherit the knowledge that would have taken you months to develop.

You can get in contact with the man here:

Contact Numbers:
0722503175 / 0448770978

Henkies Bendback Sand Prawn

Leervis / Garrick at Great Brak
Black Musselcracker
Black Musselcracker
Red Roman


Cob / Kob


  1. Grunter, both spotted and pignose were being caught regularly on fly in the 80's! Not everyone writes articles and post "hero"pictures all over the place!


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