Thursday, February 10, 2011

Silicon Prawn/Shrimp version 6.0

The evolution of the silicon prawn:
version 6.0 - avalon style with dubbing in place of silicon swim fins.  Lead weighted with spray painted tungsten beads and dumbells

version 5.0 - First avalon evolution. Mustad long shank, dumbell eyes and four 2.5 mm tungsten beads

version 4.5 - heavily weighted, too white.  Good size.
version 4.0 - less silicon swim fins to cut down tying time. Intermediate sink rate using standard shank hook with 180lb wire
version 3.5 - much smaller and better colour match to specific strain of Upogebia Africana.  Not sufficiently weighted.  Slow sinking.
version 3.0 First colour matched to specific strain of Upogebia Africana.  Too large.  Floating.

version 2.0 - change in colour.  experimenting with body material, sink rate and leg material

version 1.0 - first semi realistic sand prawn.  Too white, unbalanced.  Legs using spun Ostrick hurl around copper wire.  Body and pincers foam.
 Detailed pictures of version 6.0:



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