Friday, May 20, 2011


Sight fishing to carp in 50cm of clear running water.  Great practice for grunter.  The day before yesterday I fought a fish for what seemed like an hour- massively under gunned.  On a 6wt and 8lb leader.

On getting it to the bank I jumped in the water to land it and it broke off at my feet.  I dived into the water and tried to reach around its waist.  It slipped my grasp and I watched it swim away thinking I would never get another shot.

I returned today and the fish were still there.  Carefully watched my back cast and let out the perfect presentation in front of two cruising fish.  ON!  Better equipped today.   8wt xi2/Tibor Back Country/14lb leader.  And I needed it.  This fish bent the 8wt in two.  Andre Van Wyk (Nepps) managed to get it under the gill plates and after more of a struggle we had it on the bank.  Victory!

carp on fly

carp on fly
one from earlier that day


  1. That's what Im talking about!! Great fish

  2. Hey!! great carp,with 6 wt line!!
    Greetings from Spain


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