Monday, May 14, 2012

Flashy Profile Fly

Bill and Kate Howe changed offshore fly tying forever.  The FlyH20 World Record series has been used by everyone from Fouad Sahaoui to Trey Combes and have caught every Billfish specie.

I just received a whole bunch of EP, Flashes, Coque Tails and Diamond Hard so thought id give the Diamond Hard a go on a true offshore fly.  Using the Tube Fly attachment on the J-Vice and an old Bic Pen inner as the tube.

Flashy Profile Fly

EP, Flash, Coque Tails
I do think Epoxy is better suited for this type of fly.


  1. Thank You for your knd words.
    Kate thinks the tube fly looks pretty good and we are very flatered, was a long struggle believe me.

    BillnKate howe.


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