Monday, April 23, 2012

More than an obsession.

Indo Pacific Permit.
You leave the outer atolls of the Seychelles and soon you begin to realize just how long it might be until you see those golden sickle tails again.  But you can never get the thought of those fish out of your head.

I must have gone over the photos and watched the video a thousand times.  This weekend I began painting them.

You can never describe the colours that come out of an Indo Pacific Permit.  They are NEON gold.  And there are lots of different greens and pearlescent blues across the rear third of the fish.  I have never, and probably will never see a more beautiful specimen.

So until I get a chance to cast a crab fly at another one, art will have to do.

5 seconds in to a Farquhar Permit

The end of the fight

Indo Pacific Permit

Seychelles Permit
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  1. Beautiful creature. I'm a little jealous of you. You managed to catch such a wonderful fish! Golden neon is some kind of magic. It seems to me that you will remember forever this meeting.


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